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Margaret's Hope Darjeeling

Ohio Tea Company

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The cup is clear amber, yet full bodied with an excellent flowery nose. The taste has a complex layer of maltiness with musk and nutty undertones.

Extra Info:

Tea in North India is produced for about nine months of the year, from March to November. The same tea plant may be plucked (harvested) thirty times during this period. Teas produced from the same plant, but during a different time of the year can produce a very different tasting tea because of a change in the environmental conditions, mainly the weather and season, which will affect the growing conditions. A good tea maker has to be very sensitive to these changes, and may have to fine tune his processes on a daily basis to get the best results. There is no machine that can help him, and he must rely on his finely tuned "nose". The tea that you will receive will be from a single "batch" of tea produced on a particular day of a particular season.


TGFOP Darjeeling black tea ,


Imported: Margaret's Hope Estate, Darjeeling, India


(No reviews yet) Write a Review