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Midnight Blue

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This is a perfect blend of calming ingredients if you're looking to avoid chamomile. The lemon and mango flavors meld nicely with the two main ingredients, lavender and lemon grass.

Extra Info:

In the Lure Mountains of Provence lavender grows everywhere. Lavender flowers are gathered when they first start to bloom and are dried on a cloth, as they tend to fall apart. Lavender is most often used for perfuming, but it is also an excellent plant for infusions and has an agreeable floral flavor.

Lemongrass has a subtle yet complex aroma. This perennial herb, native to Southeast Asia is noted for its lemony scent due to a high concentration of citral, its main biological component.


Lavender, cornflowers, mallow blossom, rose petals, lemongrass, and a hint of lemon and mango flavor,




(No reviews yet) Write a Review